Serving Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

About Stucco Safe

Stucco Safe inspectors are building envelope scientists. We use forensic testing methods to identify hidden stucco system failure. Our inspection and testing process locates the areas water can penetrate.  Our testing plan is based on our protocol plus infrared scan.  These areas are thoroughly tested and results are documented.

Stucco Inspection by Stucco Safe is the most advanced testing method available.  Our inspections are highly accurate due to our multi step process.  Stucco Safe inspectors are highly trained.  So the team at Stucco Safe only perform stucco inspections.  Therefore there is little our team has not seen.  The inspection process at Stucco Safe involves several steps.…tucco-inspection/

Stucco Safe’s President has several certifications:

  •  Level 1 and Level 2 certification in EFIS (stucco) inspection and EFIS (stucco) Quality Control from the ​ Exterior Design Institute​.
  • Certification for inspection of adhered stone vaneer.
  • Level I and Level II Certification from the ​ Building Envelope Science Institute​.
  • Certification from the ​ McCrone Research Institute​ at the University of Chicago
  • BS Degree from ​ Penn State University​ and is also a graduate of the OPM Program at ​ Harvard Business School​.
  • He is the keynote speaker at seminars on the causes of stucco failure, and the proper methods of repair. He reviews each report produced by the company for quality.

Each Stucco Safe team member is independently certified by one or more organizations.

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