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Second Opinion and Re-Inspections

Do you need a second opinion or re-inspection?  Sometimes, buyers will hire under trained inspectors who may falsely fail a stucco system.  We are often called in to perform second opinion inspections.  Sometimes we can have a different outcome.  Why?

Stucco inspection training courses are often woefully insufficient to produce qualified inspectors.  Many times buyers who are short on cash will find their inspector based on cost alone.  I have seen many instances where these well intentioned inspectors create a report that shows total failure where it is not.  

One item that is often missed is probing of metal flashing which triggers a high reading on the meter falsely.  Sometimes, there is foam substrate in areas which is mistaken for Non Resistant substrate.  Other times the natural gap in sheathing is threaded and misreported as Non Resistant.  

Stucco Safe takes steps not included in most training programs to avoid false positive readings.  Therefore, a second opinion inspection is a great investment before you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a stucco remediation.  Give us a call today to see if a second opinion is right for you.  


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