Stucco Inspections for Home Owners

Stucco Inspection For Home Owners,

it’s important to choose the right inspector. Do you own a stucco home and wonder if there may be hidden moisture problems? Have you recently purchased a stucco home without an inspection? Stucco problems tend to get worse over time, so it’s always better to have the stucco tested now.

False Positive Stucco Inspection

Why should you have your stucco cladding inspected and tested before marketing your home? A failed stucco test can cause a good buyer to walk away from a transaction. Knowing what problems may be happening with the stucco prior to listing the house is the single best way to avoid losing a buyer. There are 2 possibilities. One, the stucco can test perfectly well, and you can provide the good report to potential buyers, increasing the desirability of you home over your neighbor who did not have the testing done first.

Secondly, if there is an issue, you have the chance to make repairs or disclose the potential issues and the prices up front. This will allow you to sell your home for the highest amount possible. There are often approaches that will reasonably fix the issues that currently exist without replacing all of the stucco. Unfortunately, when these issues come up for a buyer, they may seek to have more than the current issues fixed; increasing potential concessions on your price. This can lead to a more expensive repair or lost time in the sales process where a new buyer must be located.

Stucco Safe offers a certification program for home sellers to provide an additional sales tool for the marketing of your stucco clad home as well as peace of mind for your potential buyers.

How much is a stucco inspection?

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