Non-Invasive Inspection

What is a non invasive stucco inspection?

A non invasive inspection starts with a visual inspection of the stucco system.  The inspector will look for cracking, missing flashings, missing sealants and obvious damage.  They will then use an infrared camera to scan the exterior of the stucco system.  This can can show temperature variations on the surface.  Sometimes this can indicate moisture accumulations behind the stucco.

As you can see in the photo to the right, there are cooler variations under the window on this house.  A later invasive stucco inspection confirmed that there was wet OSB behind this stucco system.

Non-Invasive inspections are somewhat limited

The biggest question we would like the answer to when we perform an inspection is, ” what is the condition of the wood behind the stucco. ”  We can’t get that answer definitively with a non-invasive inspection.  Clues can be seen that can tell us there may be an issue, but not much more.  We never recommend that remediation be performed on the basis of a non-invasive inspection alone.  We always recommend a level 2 invasive inspection for this.What is involved with a Stucco Inspection

When should you get a non-invasive stucco inspection?

When buying a stucco home, having a non-invasive inspection is better than no inspection. If the owner won’t allow an invasive stucco inspection, you’ll need to get all the information you can to judge the potential for major problems. While this inspection is not absolute, it can help you in this decision making by assisting you in calculating the odds. Sometimes, the seller will change their mind on allowing the level 2 if the non-invasive inspection has negative findings.

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