Stucco Testing & Inspection in King of Prussia, PA

Looking for Stucco Testing & Inspection in King of Prussia?

Stucco Safe is the leading stucco inspection & testing company in the Delaware valley.  Why do so many homes in King of Prussia have invisible stucco problems?  This is due to the design of the waterproofing behind the stucco system.  In many cases there are no visible signs of moisture problems.  In perfectly good looking stucco applications we find major issues with rotted wood behind the stucco. Stucco Testing in King of Prussia

Why is stucco testing and inspection in King of Prussia so important?  When there is moisture seepage problems within a stucco system rot gets worse over time.  Stucco testing is a series of measurements which identify this leakage.  Getting testing done sooner is always better than later.  The rot that occurs behind the stucco starts out as damp sheathing.  Eventually the water is absorbed by the sheathing and moves in all directions.  After this the framing members start to rot.

The final stages of stucco issues that go undetected are that the drywall becomes moldy.  Once the problem reaches this level, it is the most expensive to repair.  If a stucco test is performed early enough, major repairs can be avoided.  In come cases an $8 tube of caulk can stop a bad application from rotting.  King of Prussia

Unfortunately, many people have purchased homes recently without stucco testing & inspection in King of Prussia.  This is because the market was very competitive. It is especially important for these owners  to have the stucco inspected and tested.  This is so wet and rotting conditions can be addressed before they become big problems.

Stucco Safe is the leader in stucco testing and stucco inspection in King of Prussia, the main line and beyond.  We use a proprietary process that yields the most accurate results.  We are able to avoid false positives.  Therefore we give owners and buyers alike very accurate results.  Stucco Inspectors in PA


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