Stucco Safe Stucco Certification

What’s the benefit of Stucco Safe Stucco Certification?

If you are selling your home, the stucco safe certification offers a great benefit! If your remediation project stucco inspection passes our protocols, then when requested we will provide a certification document for your potential buyers. Give us a call to find out more about stucco safe certification and if you qualify!

The stucco certification is a warranty that no certified stucco inspection will fail (confirmed by Stucco Safe) within the proceeding 12 months. If a failure does occur, Stucco Safe at its expense will hire a certified contractor to make the proper repairs. This certification is backed by our $1,000,000 insurance policy.

Stucco Certification Stucco Safe

The Stucco Certification

This certification is offered on our project oversight program.  During this series of inspections, your remediation project is documented at certain phases.  This allows Stucco Safe to Certify the stucco installation. Once you have selected a contractor, contact us about this process.  This is a great way to document for third parties that the correct process was completed on your home.

Once you receive our detailed inspection report, ask about these documents for your potential buyers. This is a testament to our confidence in the accuracy of our process and detail in our inspection, testing and reporting. Learn More

The Stucco Certification Process Stucco Certification

Our stucco certification process is a series of inspections that helps ensure the remediation project is done correctly.  This inspection  service begins with a review of the documents provided by the contractor.  We want to be sure that the contractor articulates in writing that they are following the prevailing best practices.  We will recommend changes or additions to the contract which are typically accepted by the contractor.  Once thing we always ask for is a minimum 5 year warranty against failure of a stucco inspection.  

Stucco Certification  Phase 1

Our first phase inspection looks at the substrate damage and repairs.  Our goal is to make sure that all of the rotted components are replaced so that a dry substrate is achieved.  Contractors trying to cut corners will tend to leave rotted wood behind.  This can leave mold issues remaining inside of the walls.  Where removal is not practical due to structural load bearing components being compromised, existing members can be reinforced and remaining ones sealed.

Stucco Certification Phase 2

In the second phase of the inspection we look for proper WRB application.  Depending on the material being used as the new cladding dictates the type and style.  In a stucco application, there must be a minimum of 2 layers of grade D paper or equivalent being installed.  There must be window pan flashing installed which directs moisture to the outer layer of this WRB.  This involves temporary removal of the windows to be achieved. 

Stucco Certification Phase 3

During the third inspection we ensure the installer is applying the material correctly.  In some cases this is stucco and in others this is siding.  We ensure proper flashing is installed during this step. 

Stucco Certification Phase 4

The final inspection occurs once the job is complete.  In this phase we ensure that all material is properly installed, flashed and sealed.  In most exterior cladding applications, sealants are the last item to be installed. Stucco Certification

Once all inspections are completed in a satisfactory manner, a final report is issued and a certification is provided.

In some cases, inspections will fail.  At this time we discuss corrections with the contractors and re-inspect.  In rare cases where the contractors do no comply we recommend they be terminated and a more qualified contractor be hired. 

Stucco Safe Certification

Stucco Safe Certification is an excellent tool for your remediation project.  With this certification, you can demonstrate to potential buyers that the stucco remediation project was done correctly. Due to the high costs of stucco remediation projects, it’s important to show that the contractor went the extra mile to perform the project at the highest level.  With the certification and final report you have proof that the proper job was completed.  Since most buyers of stucco homes will require stucco inspections, the certification process will give you peace of mind that you won’t have to pay for a stucco project twice.

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