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Stucco Safe is the Premier Stucco Inspection, Stucco Testing, and EIFS Inspection Company in Newark.
All we do is perform precise inspections for homeowners, homebuyers and commercial property owners.Call today for your free consultation and learn about our $1 Million Dollar Certification Program! Stucco Inspection

Newark Stucco Inspection

Stucco Safe offers the most the advanced process for stucco inspections on the market today.  We pride ourselves in accuracy.  Not only do we find issues that other inspectors miss, but we avoid many pitfalls for false positives common in the industry.  This is why we’re preferred by most real estate companies and contractors alike!  Call today for your free consultation!

Stucco Testing in Newark

When looking for stucco testing in Newark, Stucco Safe is the best choice.  We offer the most accurate testing services for both stucco inspection and EIFS inspections available today.  Our multi point process identifies moisture issues invisible to the naked eye.  Call today and speak with our experts.

Stucco Inspection and Testing in Geo City

Stucco Inspection

Our Professional Stucco Inspections Identify hidden leaks and rot behind the stucco. Due to the high cost of repairs, getting an accurate Stucco Inspection by Stucco Safe is important to knowing the health of your home.

How Often Should Stucco Be Inspected?

Stucco Testing

Performing stucco testing allows our inspectors to evaluate the conditions behind the stucco system. We can tell if there is mold and rot of the structure. Our Experts have performed thousands of stucco tests.

EIFS Inspection

EIFS (Externally Insulated Finishing System) is often times referred to as synthetic stucco. While its exterior is a polymer instead of concrete, it suffers from the same issues and should be inspected in the same way as standard stucco.

Stucco inspection Cost

Stucco Inspection Costs range depending on the size of the property and the complexity of the inspection ordered. Our least expensive inspections typically cost $395 and larger more expansive homes or commercial properties will cost more.

invasive stucco inspection in Geo City

Invasive Stuccco Inspection

Invasive stucco inspection is also referred to as stucco testing. The invasive part of the testing refers to the drilling of tiny holes in the stucco system. The holes allow for testing of the substrate, and they are closed with a color matching sealant.

Drivit inspection in Geo City

Drivit Inspection

Drivit is a brand name of a popular product called EIFS. EIFS systems hold moisture very well. Because of this, when flashed incorrectly, mold will form and rot the wood behind the stucco system. It is very important to have Drivit systems checked for moisture every few years.

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Give Us A Call Today For Your Free Consultation. Our Experts Are Here To Help answer your questions. We Offer Fast Scheduling And Same Day Results.

5 Star Ratings In Newark

How Does Our Team Consistently Get 5 Star Reviews For Their Stucco Inspections in Newark? The Owner Takes The Time To Make Sure Each Customer Understands Their Results And The Implications For Them.

Fast Scheduling in Newark

Newark is Right In Our Back Yard. We Schedule Fast Because Most Of Our Clients Want Their Results Fast. All Of Our Reports Are Delivered The Next Day At The Latest. Usually Results Are Delivered The Same Day!

Stucco Safe Clients In Newark Say It Best!


Brady Hearn

We had a good experience with Stucco Safe. Their customer service is very good and Gabe is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. The inspector explained everything he was going to do and then went over his findings at the end. The report I received was very detailed and also very clear. I would recommend Stucco Safe for your stucco inspection.


Steve Corbesero Jr.

Highly recommended. Found ourselves in a situation that required a quick turn on an invasive stucco inspection, was not expecting someone to pick up the phone at 9:30PM, but they did and the team followed up the next morning, with a inspector onsite the next day. Inspector was prompt, professional, and ensured we had a full understanding...


Hillary H

My husband and I used Stucco Safe to have a house we're under contract to buy inspected. Setting up an appointment was easy, the gentleman who did the inspection was early and reviewed everything with me. After they finished the inspection, we got a very comprehensive report the very next day. I would definitely recommend them if you need stucco inspected!

FAQ's for Stucco Inspection in Newark

In a stucco inspection with stucco testing, the inspector will first perform a visual inspection.  They will observe the absence or presence of flashings, sealants and other design details.  They will then proceed with a thermal imaging scan using an infrared camera.  Following this, the stucco testing will occur where the stucco is probe tested for moisture.

If your home has never received a stucco inspection with stucco testing this should be done immediately.  It is always cheaper to fix a stucco problem today than it is to let it get worse.  Properly maintained homes only need to be inspected every 5-10 years, or when they are being transacted.  

Stucco Homes can suffer from a very common issue of leakage.  This condition is from the improper installation of the waterproofing and flashing behind the stucco.  Because stucco is not a waterproof material, steps must be taken to protect the wood sheathing and framing from becoming wet and rotted.  In 50% of the stucco homes, this waterproofing and flashing is not sufficient to keep the wood dry and the house rots from the inside.  This condition is completely invisible from the outside. 

To test for the type of stucco we typically take a core sample of the material.  This way we can document whether the stucco is hard coat stucco or EIFS.  Many times insurance companies require the stucco be tested.  This is due to the fact that especially in northeastern climate, EIFS in particular does not perform well.  Many homeowners insurance companies (but not most) will not insure homes with EIFS cladding due to these issues.

Yes, stucco issues are often covered by insurance – if you file the claim properly.  Most homeowners will be denied these claims if left to deal with the insurance companies on their own.  There is a process to get a successful claim paid from an insurance company.  This involves experience and documentation, and sometimes legal help.  Stucco Safe has been instrumental in getting claims paid on these claims in several cases over $250K was paid by the insurer. 

The worst years for stucco installations are from 1988 to 2015.  In Many cases, stucco homes which are older that were painted with masonry paint will be bad at any year.  In urban areas, where new codes are slow to be adopted,  even 1 year old stucco can fail.  

You only need to wait 30 minutes after it stops raining to perform a stucco inspection.  The reason for this is, the areas being inspected should always be dry.  Just like the drywall in your house.  You don’t expect that to be wet after it rains, right?  Neither should be your wood sheathing.  Inspectors that don’t take precautions to avoid lateral moisture by  manually insulating their meters should wait 3 days (or should probably not be doing inspections at all). 

Stucco Safe Stucco Inspection in geo city

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