Paoli, PA Stucco Inspectors

Paoli, PA Stucco Inspectors

When searching for Paoli, PA stucco inspectors, contact the Main Line’s leader in stucco inspection – Stucco Safe.  Homes in Paoli and the surrounding areas which Paoli, PA Stucco Inspectors and Inspection have stucco exteriors are prone to leaking.  When these leaks get absorbed into the wood sheathing and studs, rot and mold can occur.  To identify if your home has these issues you should get a stucco inspection performed.

Paoli PA Stucco Inspectors provide

a series of measurements which identify if there is moisture seeping in to the wood structure.  Moisture seepage is a big problem with stucco systems.  Believe it or not, homes built before 1985 have a much lower failure rate than newer homes.  Why is this? Stucco Inspection PA, NJ, DE

What Changed with Stucco Systems?

During the late 1990’s, construction methods changed.  In an effort to reduce costs of construction, the quality of the materials used was changed.  These cheaper materials were less effective in repelling moisture.  In addition, big builders used subcontractors with little supervision as to how the work of different contractors connected to make the stucco systems waterproof.  Failed Stucco Inspection

Get your stucco inspection from Stucco Safe

What can you expect from Paoli, PA stucco inspectors?  When you contact Stucco Safe, we’ll discuss your concerns.  Generally if you have not had a stucco inspection in recent memory, it’s a good Idea to get one.  During this inspection moisture issues may be detected during the invasive stucco inspection.  What’s Involved in a Stucco Inspection?Stucco Inspection PA, NJ, DE

What will a Stucco Inspection Tell Me?

Following the inspection, a report will be provided to you containing a moisture map of your home.  This map will identify areas that should be addressed with remediation.  In addition, you’ll get good advice on how to keep your stucco system from trapping moisture.

Is All Stucco Bad?

There are best practices in maintenance for stucco systems especially those that were built to the old code standards.  Following these maintenance items will greatly reduce the chances that your stucco system will leak moisture in the future.


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