Stucco Inspection in Philadelphia

Stucco Inspection & Testing in Philadelphia

Why is stucco inspection and stucco testing in Philadelphia so important? Homes in Philadelphia have stucco and veneer stone installed.  Due to weather conditions, and building practices, many of these homes have hidden leaks.  If you live in a stucco home or are considering buying one, the stucco inspection will be the most important inspection you get.  What’s Involved in a Stucco Inspection?Stucco Inspection in Philadelphia

Most general contractors who are applying stucco will use the sub contractor with the lowest bid.  Many times these low bidders will skip simple steps in the application process as a way to save money.  For instance, drainage mat can significantly improve the performance of a stucco system.  This material works by forcing a gap between the rear of the stucco application and the water resistant barrier.  With this gap, water is unable to be trapped behind the stucco.

What if the home was already remediated (stucco fixed?)

In homes where the stucco has been remediated ofter steps are skipped as well.  One of the most common cost cutting approaches is to skip window sill pan flashing.  This flashing crates a barrier between the rough window opening and the exterior of the drainage plane.  When this is installed, seepage around windows is eliminated.  Even with older windows that have exceeded their useful life, the pan flashing protects the structure.  Stucco Test Failure

What if I purchased a home without a stucco inspection in Philadelphia?  If this is the case, you should have the stucco inspected right away.  What most people refer to as stucco problems, actually have nothing to do with the stucco.  They are problems with the waterproofing behind the stucco that leaks.  The problems are invisible until they show up on the drywall.  Once the problem has progressed to this level there is often significant structural damage requiring significant rebuilding of the framing and sheathing.  These kinds of problems are always cheaper early.

What is stucco inspection?

The stucco inspection and testing in Philadelphia is a series of measurements that identify if there is leaking to the wood parts of the structure.  At Stucco Safe we use a 3 phase process which identifies areas of concern.   We also perform in depth measurements to avoid false positives common among some of our competitors.

So, if you have a stucco home, give us a call today.  We’d be happy to discuss with you whether your home might be a good candidate for a stucco inspection with stucco testing.

Stucco in Philadelphia

Stucco has been a widely chosen exterior siding material for many homes in Philadelphia County due to its aesthetic appeal and durability. However, if improperly installed, it can lead to serious structural damages. As such, professional stucco inspections have become an integral part of the home inspection process.

Stucco inspections involve a detailed visual inspection of the exterior siding, specifically targeting areas prone to water leakage. Over time, water leakage can cause severe water damage, compromising the integrity of the building. In Philadelphia, where variations in climate can lead to an increased risk of water infiltration, this kind of inspection is particularly crucial.

The process is conducted by stucco testing specialists like Stucco Safe, who possess extensive knowledge of stucco applications and the potential hazards linked to them. Stucco Safe will meticulously go through the entire process, checking for any signs of water leakage. As opposed to a visual inspection, an Invasive inspection involves the use of a moisture probe to conduct moisture testing in the stucco, an important measure to detect the presence of dampness not visible to the naked eye.

Moisture testing is critical in stucco inspections, as it can reveal water leakage that may have been overlooked during a standard visual inspection. Water leakage is a serious issue, as it can swiftly escalate to pervasive water damage, weakening the structure of your home over time. Stucco Safe is trained to identify these hidden problems early, preventing future costly repairs.

Unfortunately, in Philadelphia County, many homes have been victims of improperly installed stucco, leading to extensive water leakage and subsequent structural damages. Inspection services are instrumental in mitigating these issues, helping homeowners identify problems early on, and providing solutions to avoid further damage. Click here to find out if you need a stucco inspection: How Often Should Stucco Be Inspected.

If you’re a homeowner in Philadelphia and your home features stucco exterior, it’s highly recommended to consider a professional stucco inspection as part of your regular maintenance schedule. These inspection services will not only help identify if your stucco has been improperly installed, but also if there’s ongoing water leakage causing unseen water damage.

Regular stucco inspections in Philadelphia County, performed by Stucco Safe, can be a significant step in maintaining the longevity of your home. Incorporating these inspections into your routine will help ensure your home stays free from hidden water leakage and resultant structural damages. Do not wait for visible signs of water damage; take a proactive approach by investing in a professional stucco inspection today.

Stucco Inspection & Testing in Philadelphia

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