Stucco Inspections

Non Invasive Stucco Inspections

Stucco Safe can perform a non-invasive stucco inspection which combines a visual inspection and infra-red thermal imaging of the exterior of the home. This process can provide clues as to the performance of the current cladding system when complete invasive inspection is not practical. We’d be happy to discuss the pricing and benefits of this kind of inspection.

Non invasive stucco inspections can give clues to the performance of the stucco system.  We can identify missing sealants and flashings.  We can also identify cracks and stains that may me indications of larger issues.  When using the infrared camera, sometimes we can see indications of moisture accumulation behind the stucco system.  This can show up as a temperature variation on the outside of the stucco system.

Is a non-invasive stucco inspection a substitute for an invasive?

The short answer is no. The primary problem with a failing stucco system is that the wood sheathing behind the stucco is rotted. Although we may see clues that this condition could exist, the only way to know for sure is to perform the invasive stucco inspection. This is because, once the wood is rotted it may not hold moisture at all. This is completely undetectable with an infrared scan.

When should you get a non-invasive stucco inspection?

When a level 2 invasive inspection is not practical or authorized, a non-invasive inspection is better than none.  It can provide evidence that supports the idea that there are issues, or show the lack of such evidence.  The only way to really know what’s happening behind the stucco system is to do the complete invasive stucco inspection.  Learn more here: What’s Involved in a Stucco Inspection?

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