Learn more about EIFS (Externally Insulated Finishing Systems).


Sometimes referred to with a common brand name Drivit, these systems can be very attractive and long lasting.  They can also trap moisture very effectively.  When moisture becomes trapped by an EIFS system it can create significant rot and mold in the structure.  EIFS inspection

Therefore, it is important that these systems are checked for trapped moisture.  This is done through a 3 step process known as EIFS inspection.  During this inspection, the common problem of moisture intrusion is identified.

First, the EIFS is visually evaluated for proper construction details such as drainage flashing and sealants.  Next, an infrared scan is performed to search for areas which may contain trapped moisture.  Finally the system is probed with a moisture meter to identify high moisture or rot behind the system.Stucco Test Failure

If you own or are thinking about buying a house with this kind of exterior, the inspection is very important.  Eventually if left un diagnosed, the drywall inside the home will become moldy.  At this stage the problem is much more expensive to repair than when identified early.  What’s Involved in a Stucco Inspection?



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