Leak Detection

Leak Detection in Stucco Homes

Detecting leaks in stucco systems is the most important inspection that can be performed.  Stucco systems installed over the last 40 years can tend to suffer from specific defects.  These defects in construction can lead to damaging leaks.  Failed Stucco Inspection

Leak detection in stucco homes involves what is referred to as a stucco inspection.  During this process, moisture levels behind the stucco are checked to ensure that the wood behind the stucco is not becoming wet or rotted.

To perform a stucco inspection, we perform a series of tests on the wood structure.  This involves infrared scanning to look for potentialStucco Inspection in Delaware County accumulations of moisture.  We then make small holes in the system and insert a moisture probe to identify leaking as well as wood rot.  These holes are then resealed with a color matching sealant.  Many times the test locations are imperceptible once completed.


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