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Realtors Guide to Stucco


Many agents get nervous around issues related to stucco.  Some may think that stucco inspections are overkill.  Others wonder if stucco inspectors are just trying to find problems with homes that are perfectly fine.

Stucco problems are some of the biggest defects that can be wrong with a home.  The problems with stucco are invisible, and they involve slow leaks of moisture over a long period of time.  Homeowners may live with major stucco problems for years, completely unaware they exist.  Stucco Inspectors

Prior to the popularity of stucco inspection and stucco testing, the only way owners became aware of these problems was when they became so advanced that mold started to grow on the walls.  Thankfully, today we can identify if this problems exists long before this stage with a stucco inspection.

A stucco inspection will identify if the water resistive barriers and the flashing behind the stucco have done their job.  This is done in a 3 phase process where first the stucco is visually examined.  Next, an infrared scan is done to pinpoint trouble spots that may be outside the normal invasive protocol.  Finally, an invasive test is performed to identify high moistureInvasive Stucco Test levels and rot.Why Hire a Separate Stucco Inspector?

When is a stucco inspection needed?  Any time there is a material like stucco, EIFS or adhered stone applied over wood this inspection is needed. Is Stucco Inspection Necessary?

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