Failed Stucco Inspection

Mold Inspection in stucco homes

Why is Mold Testing and Inspection important?

Over one third of homes in the U.S. have a minor mold issue but when it reaches a certain level that is when your health is in jeopardy. Mold testing and inspection can identify these issues.  With the cellulose, wood, and other organic materials used in home this is a potential breeding ground for mold. When mold remediation is not done and mold goes undetected, bad things can happen.

Should I get Mold Testing?

The water intrusion source must be found and corrected to prevent further mold growth. When mold is suspected, for positive identification a Laboratory analysis must be done.  Mold Testing involves air sampling which can determine if elevated mold exists.

When directed, Stucco Safe will identify mold problems and make the appropriate suggestions as part of their stucco inspection. Mold should be be determined only by trained inspectors as this is a serious and dangerous. Stucco safe is knowledgeable and trained when performing stucco inspections and will advise the home owner accordingly. Water damage leads to mold which is a fungus.  Its main purpose is to break down dead material like wood and fibers used in construction.

Mold problems often come with stucco related problems

Once water damage occurs, mold is fast growing and can start within 24 hrs and most often hidden from sight. Severe reactions are caused by mold such as shortness of breath,fevers, infections and even chronic lung disease. If Stucco Safe see that stucco remediation is needed the chances of having a mold problem is very real. Home

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