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Stucco Inspection & Testing in Kennett Square

Stucco Inspection, Inspectors & Testing in Kennett Square, PA

Kennett Square is a borough in Chester County known for being the mushroom capital of the U.S. These same weather conditions that give rise to great mushrooms, also give rise to mold behind stucco systems.

Stucco Inspection & Testing in Kennett Square is important.

Stucco Safe services Kennett Square for stucco and mold inspection and believes we have the top level inspection services available. Families live in their homes, whose health can be harmed if mold is present . If mold is found, remediation is a must. Stucco Safe will provide a full inspection giving you peace of mind in protecting your loved ones. In addition if you plan on selling your home it is absolutely needed in the Kennett Square area and through out Chester County. This report should always be completed by a certified inspector. We always hope to find no problems but if issues arise we give a full detail report and suggestions what is needed next.

Stucco Inspection in Kennett Square will give you the Facts

If you are buying or selling a property in Kennett Square which has stucco cladding, it is important to know the facts about the condition of what is underneath the stucco. Our Certified Stucco Inspection technicians will thoroughly investigate the condition of the cladding on your Kennett Square  home, and test the material behind it to identify potential problems.

Generally speaking we can identify wet wood behind the stucco system which is a predictor.  This tells us if some day the wood behind the stucco will rot.  We can also identify if the wood has already rotted.  This condition will allow moisture to freely enter the wall cavity and can creat mold problems.  Click here to learn more about our stucco inspection process What’s Involved in a Stucco Inspection?

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